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This Saturday, December 21st marks the start, officially, of winter.  So far here in Chicago, it has been a very cold and snowy time.  What does all of this snow and cold mean for your deck?  Do you need to add shoveling and salting to your list of winter chores?

For a composite deck, think Timbertech, the answer is “maybe not”.  These decks are designed to withstand winter.  There may be unnoticeable shrinkage due to the cold, but once the warmer temperatures come in, they will expand back.

You may want to clear an exit path if your deck serves as a secondary exit.  To clear the snow, a corn broom is recommended as it is less likely to scrape, scratch or gouge the deck.  The corn broom is good for a light dusting up to a an inch or two.  For the heavier snow accumulations, a plastic shovel is recommended to minimize the change of scratching or gouging your beautiful deck like a metal shovel might.

What about wood decks?

Ipe, our favorite wood , fares better than the softer woods such as cedar or redwood.  Follow the same recommendations as the composite decks but be prepared- the wood decks are more vulnerable. 

So what about ice?  Definitely don’t chop it.  You are almost guaranteed to chop your deck.  Instead use a colorless ice melter.  Consider using one safe for pets, there are many to choose from at your local hardware store.  Don’t forget to sweep away the salt once the ice melts.

Oh and don’t forget the handrails just in case you need something to grab onto.

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